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Connecting with Influencers to maximize brand impact

collabsy&SavageXFenty Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in building brand awareness for Savage X Fenty. By strategically partnering with relevant influencers, Savage X Fenty can leverage their existing audience and credibility to reach a wider demographic and increase brand visibility. Here's how collabsy contributed to building


Building a community of promoters #teamfabletics

collabsy&Fabletics The building of a social media community has been beneficial for Fabletics as it has increased brand awareness, engagement with customers, and improved customer perception. The community also led to word-of-mouth recommendations, improved customer experience, and informed business decisions. Additionally, the community provided user-generated content,


Brand Launch through Influencer Marketing

collabsy&Zu Zu is a watch brand that offers a unique and versatile solution for wristwatch customization. With exchangeable wrist straps, Zu allows its customers to easily switch up their look and style, without having to purchase a whole new watch. The brand offers a range of