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Connecting with Influencers to maximize brand impact

collabsy&SavageXFenty Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in building brand awareness for Savage X Fenty. By strategically partnering with relevant influencers, Savage X Fenty can leverage their existing audience and credibility to reach a wider demographic and increase brand visibility. Here's how collabsy contributed to building


Testing Campaign for New Market

collabsy&skin79 Introducing Skin79, a premier Korean cosmetic brand dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality skincare products. With a focus on innovative formulas and natural ingredients, Skin79 has established itself as a leader in the Korean beauty industry. From simple daily routines to targeted treatments, Skin79


Micro-Influencer Campaign

collabsy&LaShoe The seeding campaign for LaShoe, a fashionable shoe brand designed for demanding feet, was a comprehensive project aimed at increasing the brand's reach and impact. Our team developed a personalized seeding strategy and sourced micro and nano influencers to build relationships with the brand. We


Developing and Implementing an Influencer Marketing Plan

collabsy&Dedicante Dedicante is a brand that specializes in creating personalized jewellery pieces that tell a story. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a loved one, or a unique piece to add to your own collection, Dedicante has you covered.   We were proud to have played